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Lynda was able to work as a Gallery Manager and learn the business side of the art world while studying oils under Harold Cooper of Wesleyan University, Ohio. She also, pursued many instructional classes, in portraiture, en plein air painting and Art Business. The artist has built a strong portfolio, followers, collectors and supporters. Lynda continues to build her portfolio, while continuing to experiment with mediums & techniques. 


Lynda comes from a family who had many artists at the kitchen table after dinner. Chatting & Drawing over the day’s work. You see they also, owned, bred, raised and raced standard bred race horse's. Lynda inevitably, moved south and became a Vet Tech. Her love of animals and art continued through her life. Career & travels. All these skills aided her in her art studies! She was more in tune with the compositions of animals and gave her a very keen eye for nature. Lynda continues her travels & adventures with her partner Kevin, of 20 yrs. experiencing beautiful moments in nature to depict her representation to you. 

Current Galleries Xanadu, online Gallery, Scottsdale Arizona, Roam Gallery, B.C.

VIP's Collectors - Fort Malden Museum, Amherstburg -Denning’s Funeral Home Chatham Ontario -Blue Spruce Resorts, Dorset Ontario -Sear's, Leamington Ontario -Rona's, Windsor Ontario -Home Hardware, Windsor Ontario -Home Designer, Kingsville Ontario -Essex Public Library Ontario -Church, Woodsley, Ontario -Pastor, Gatineau, Quebec 

Public Collectors French Emersion School, Puce Ontario Commissioned Mural Montessori School, Lakeshore Ontario Commissioned Mural Town of Essex, Ontario restoration of town murals Commissioned Murals

City of Windsor, Ontario painted with a team of artists to revitalize areas with 5 public murals, Employed by the Windsor Art Studio Amherstburg, Ontario Created a 130’ Mural for the Town donated by Rona Commissioned Mural Sears, Leamington Ontario Created Murals within the Store for Publicity for the local Builders Displays.

Private Collectors - Lynda has many Private Collectors, throughout Canada, U.S.A, Portugal, Germany 

Publications/Articles -  Xanadu Gallery, Collectors Catalogue, Arizona, 2018, Windsor Star, front page article -Mural for Fort Malden Museum -Leamington Star, front page article on Solo Art Show -Leamington Star, front page article on Exhibiting/demonstration at the Home & Garden Show -Airbrush Magazine, article on Latest painting -Cottage Country Magazine, front page, Story on Local Artist exhibiting her works at the Library. -Essex Newspaper, front page, article on giving the Town Murals a Facelift! -Essex Newspaper, front page, article on Artist believes in Healing through the Arts. -Essex Newspaper, front page, article on Interview with Mural Artist! Painting the Town. - Woodsley, paper, article on artist visiting the area and showcasing her artwork. - Columbus, Ohio, front page article on artist drawing to scale the shipwreck the adventurer and returning the propeller she found. - Mt. Vernon, Ohio Newspaper, front page article on artist sketching at the fairgrounds. 

Awards - Several 1st Place ribbons awarded, in pencil drawing, Mixed Media & acrylics - Columbus State Fair - Several 1st Place ribbons awarded, in Mixed Media & acrylics - Columbus State Fair - Several 1st Place ribbons awarded, in acrylics - Columbus State Fair - Several 1st Place ribbons awarded, in oils - Columbus State Fair - Several 1st Place ribbons awarded, in pencil, Croton Ohio Fair - Several 1st Place ribbons awarded, in Mixed Media, Croton Ohio Fair - Several 1st Place ribbons awarded, in acrylics, Croton Ohio Fair - Several 1st Place ribbons awarded, in oils, Croton Ohio Fair - Several 1st Place ribbons awarded, in pencil drawing, Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Several 1st Place ribbons awarded, in Mixed Media, Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Several 1st Place ribbons awarded, in acrylics Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Several 1st Place ribbons awarded, in oils Fort Lauderdale, Florida 

Grants - Government Grant, awarded, Columbus, Ohio - Privately Funded Grant awarded, Windsor, Ontario - Privately Funded Grant awarded, Windsor, Ontario - Privately Funded Grant awarded, Windsor, Ontario - Privately Funded Grant awarded, Windsor, Ontario - Privately Funded Grant awarded, Windsor, Ontario - Privately Funded Grant awarded, Windsor, Ontario


Sharing her Light! Lynda Moffatt / Artist's bio


Romancing the arts is what Lynda has done her entire life!

Born and raised in Southern Ontario, her home was filled with family, sketching and reminiscing together. You see, Lynda Irene was named after her grandmother, who was also an artist. Lynda has a little bit of everyone who has touched her heart over the

years in her studio, including a charcoal sketch from her namesake.

This artist endearingly remembers her father sketching in charcoal, pen and ink. She still has his box of charcoals in her studio, right alongside his pens from Germany, Italy, France and England. Hung up along the walls are pictures he sketched during the war. These memories of her father and grandmother are treasured by Lynda. She pushes herself to grow as an artist by keeping the old master’s techniques and realism alive as much as she can.

Lynda has dabbled in several mediums over the years, but she considers herself an oil painter. She also enjoys working with

acrylics and gel mediums, as well as the airbrush, whenever the artwork dictates it.


This artist enjoys the feel of the canvas and prefers to use this surface. “The smell of the paints, mediums, wood stretcher bars and canvas make the studio feel alive,” she says.

Growing up with a horse family, she began to

travel at an early age. Throughout her career,

Lynda has travelled all over Canada and the

U.S. She always spent her travels sketching,

painting and sightseeing. Lynda was proactive

in the communities she visited and would get

involved with artist associations. This led her

to meet and interview with the manager of the

Stratford Gallery in Ohio and would place her

right where she needed to be to further her

artistic goals.

Lynda was able to shadow the curator, learn

the business side of the arts and study art

history, all while filling the role of the

gallery's assistant manager. She also learned

about designing and framing. All the work

that came in passed through her and the

manager, including a very large, original

Pollock painting that came in to be framed.

After paintings and hand heirlooms were

designed, they were passed to the framers to

finish, and then came back to her for



During her time at the gallery, Lynda delved even deeper into the arts by studying oils under Harold Cooper of Wesleyan University, Ohio. He is the founder of the New Albany Arts Council.

Lynda has always had an adventurous

personality. After receiving her scuba-diver

licence in Tobermory, Ont., she tackled deep

water and cave diving in Florida. Lynda

undertook to document to scale The

Adventurer shipwreck in Lake Erie for the

Wisconsin Shipwreck Museum. She acquired

an Ohio state grant to return the propeller,

which she found in Southern Ohio, to its

original shipwreck, before returning home to


Lynda is a member of the Save Ontario

Shipwrecks (S.O.S.) organization. She is also

a member of the East Central Ontario Art

Association (ECOAA), the Ontario Plein Air

Society (OPAS), McMichael Canadian Art

Collection, ARA Windsor, and many more

local associations in her community.

About Us


As an avid boater and diver, Lynda enjoys sketching both above and below the seas.


spent many years on the water, particularly

around the Marblehead Lighthouse area in her

yellow Sea Ray named Y-Knot. The boat was

set up with tanks for scuba diving off the

back, able to hold up to eight people, and had

a cabin for sleeping, showering and cooking.

Lynda would often bring her 14 ft. boat up to

Lion’s Head, Ont. while visiting family

throughout the Muskoka’s, and even dove

with the Mayor.

Lynda also spent time exploring Lake

Superior on her Zodiac boat. It was the first

place she saw a moose in the water. She saw

where red paint was made by Inuit’s and their

drawings along the rocks and spent weeks

exploring this area. Killarney is another

beautiful place she loved to visit, back when it

was only boat accessible. Lynda feels

travelling anywhere around the Great Lakes is

a truly remarkable experience. Her love of

nature knows no bounds, and the skills she has

learned are evident throughout her artwork.

After Sept. 11, 2001, Lynda decided to move

back to Canada and pursue her art closer to

her ageing Mother. She first took on a role as

a gallery manager in London, Ont., but was

then asked to join the Windsor Art Studio to

help revitalize the community with public

murals. Thus, she embarked on another

fascinating challenge, one that led this artist to

finally become self-employed in the arts. Her

first public commission was for Fort Malden

Museum. She worked with designers from

Ottawa and went to board meetings, all while

painting The War of The Rebellions mural. It

was documented as a "labour of love" by

Windsor city council in the Windsor Star newspaper.


This artist went on to spend many years restoring murals for the Town of Essex.

Several pictures and articles made the front

page in the local newspaper, thanking her for

the mural uplifts. It was always a warming

surprise to Lynda each and every time they

appeared. They made working out in the

community all the more rewarding. She would

get daily visitors coming to see the murals.

People from as far as Toronto and across the

border came to tell stories of the people in the

paintings. Some were even their family



Working primarily in oils, this experienced

artist has also completed a wildlife series of

Algonquin Park in celebration of their 125th


After working on the public outdoor

commissions, this artist worked for several

years in private commissions. She did many

faux finishes while developing her skills in

portraiture, thanks to clients who asked for

artwork that challenged her skillset.

With all of the experience Lynda gained over

the years in Ohio and Ontario, she began

taking on students who were looking for a safe

space to explore the arts. She took extra care

with her students and helped them to grow

into who they were meant to be.

Her central Ontario home studio, is

surrounded by the Great Lakes. This location

provides easy access to many shorelines

within a short drive. “Everyday is a new

beginning in creativity,” she says. She loves to

partake in en plein air painting, and she enjoys

the local Spring and Fall bird migrations.

About Us


Community Involvement!

When she can, she exhibits in solo shows and

juried group shows, where she has won

several first-place international awards in both

Florida and Ohio. She also hosts collector

events and has private studio viewings.

Lynda is usually found with her camera.

You may find the artist out with her sketchpad

and portable easels, picture taking or getting

in a walk and enjoying the day with Kevin.

They met in 2002, and they have been a team

ever since. Kevin supports Lynda’s art in

every way and helps with everything else so

she can focus on what she does best.



Lynda is very thankful to all the collectors,

supporters and colleagues that have been with

her throughout her journey. They continue to

push her, support her and challenge her. She is

continuously amazed by how much love is out

there for the arts, and she is proud to be apart

of this movement.


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