Original Artwork for Sale

    Original Paintings on this page are available!

I Love working in Mini Series.

Here you will find many of my latest paintings.

Series that have sold out you can find under earlier works.

The ones that have sold are noted.

The Originals that have sold are now available as Canvas Giclee prints 

Framed with a liner or Stretched on canvas just like the Original! 

Click on an image for their complete details. 

All Pricing includes taxes, what a savings to you!

If you have any questions about these paintings, please feel free to reach out to the artist. 

Click the button below to send Lynda an inquiry.

We are offering safe curb side delivery,  in our local community!

Or shipping to your location is extra.

Keep Safe Everyone!


Lynda is an amazing artist with an eye for detail.

Erin June

I highly recommend Lynda's artwork. She specializes in portraits, nature and animals!

Cory Balzer 

When I think of working with Lynda, her professionalism stands out. Her work habits are very admirable. She has a way of making everyone smile when she walks in the room. Lynda strives to make every customers experience the best experience ever and that makes her stand out from the rest.

Sue Erdelac


Hi Lynda,

Just wanted to express my appreciation, for your incredible artwork! The detailed workmanship, and personal passions, have allowed your artworks to speak for themselves. I am certainly recommending your artwork, to all that appreciate pure artist expressions. 

Art is something that comes alive, and whispers a personal introspection, that reaches your heart; your work has touched mine. I know that you are able to accommodate any requests!

Again, thank you!!! Glen Bechard

Lynda's Wildlife Artwork is Amazing, she captures their spirit through their eyes. You feel as if they are real with an artistic flare. The foliage and use of complete coverage is done exceptionally showing her skill set in her medium and subjects. 

I am so fortunate to have found her original artwork for sale and have become an avid collector. Lynda's work now hangs with my Bateman's & Lester's. A wonderful addition to this fine group of Artist's.