Public Murals Outdoor/Indoor

These pictures show a variety of Commissioned Public

 Murals, both Outdoor & Indoor. 

Lynda has worked on many Murals over the years working with 

Townships, Museums, Private Collectors & Restorations projects.

 The images below are a sampling to share the variety of work she has done. 

The Artist loves working within a team and works well with designers, committees, Mayors and BIA's.

She enjoys the collaboration, the process and meeting new people. Seeing their vision, transform & come to life is why she does what she does and it really comes natural to her. 

Children's Murals Public & Private

This grouping of Images, are children's murals, 

by Artist ~ Lynda Moffatt 

Including, Public & Private Murals over the year's, Montessori Schools, French Immersion Schools.



I could have moved to Hawaii!

 Or, retire and move near family!
I decided to move near family and Commissioned Lynda to paint this beautiful Hawaiian Scene for me.

What a true, Profession Lynda is, I enjoyed each day she painted and I absolutely love the oucome!
Every morning I have my breakfast here on my new patio set in front of this gorgeous Mural.

Beyond, what I could have imagined, as I have literally, sat at this beach and view in person, many times!

Thank you, Lynda for making me feel like I am on vacation everyday!

When we were looking for someone to restore the Murals in Essex, Lynda was one of our first choices.
She was a local artist and had the skill set to complete the work needed.
There were many murals painted on different surfaces, walls, block, concrete, wood, etc.
Lynda had the expertise to complete the restorations in excellent quality, in a timely manner and for a reasonable cost.
The Town of Essex

When we were looking for an artist to paint in our store, we looked at a few and found Lynda's skill set and workmanship to be what we were looking for.
Lynda came in and worked all day, creating hand painted back splashes
for all the new Building construction sites for their kitchen cupboards.
As quality,  builder's only working with the best, we were so pleased with Lynda's finished mural paintings. 

She was referred out a lot and did some tremendous work in the community!
The Sears Store, Leamington

Mural ~ The War of the Rebellion

Lynda's Mural was documented as a Labour of Love in the Windsor Star.
This was the first time this subject has ever been honoured in 170 yrs in a Parliamentary building.

Lynda did her research, and went into the arms vault to feel and reflect on the men and what they did. Taking home their uniforms and seeing the weapons they used. Each and every Family Member that fought for this war  are listed on this Mural along with their story on what they carried. They picked up what they had and fought for Freedom.

Lynda also, chose to show an older Soldier, handing off his troops to a younger soldier!

There were lots of tears at the unveiling. Tears of overwhelm, joy and gratitude.

I knew, Lynda was the one to paint such a tribute!
What a wonderful mural it is and now Lynda is part of our stroy here at Fort Malden Museum!