En Plein Air

This page encompasses where Lynda gets out and enjoys creating these paintings! She & Kevin share in these adventures and find that special place that calls to be painted. They set things up and Lynda paints for hours. Kevin will take pictures, videos and record the days events.

You can read more about these stories on the monthly blog by clicking the link below.

Testimonials of the Artist

Lynda's paintings are Amazing! I purchased her entire Vacation, en plein air series for my Grandchildren for Christmas!

I will take them up to see where she painted one day. I told the artist, the reason,  I bought her entire collection. I wanted her whole week of oil painting in Algonquin Park to experience her travels. Lynda, added her special touch, by writing a poem to my Grandchildren about how it made her feel there and how it was made for them! She attached the Poems in lovely envelopes and certificate of authentications on the back of the original paintings. 

How inspiring is this! That's what Lynda does! A True Blessing to know and call my friend!

Now I am Blessed with her gift of artworks.