Lynda knew she wanted to be an artist from a very early age! There always seemed to be artists around her. Many family members were artists, even her Grandmother (Irene Winifred Cole - White) she was named after was an artist. Lynda admired all of them and absorbed everything she could. She spent many nights watching her Father (Robert Thomas Moffatt) draw in charcoal or pen and ink.

 Lynda felt their legacy should continue. She knew inside she had to become an artist and no longer romance others doing their art but have the self confidence to it herself. She asked God to let her be an artist to carry on from those before her and to paint his Beauty for the betterment of society!

You could find her early on in life, sketching the horses out in the paddock or sketching away wherever she was even while scuba diving when she was older taking underwater archaeology. 

Lynda eventually, became a Veterinary Technician and this profession, helped her with her love of caring for animals and assisted with her love of the arts.

The artist was encouraged early on from family and friends, to travel and see different walks of life and facilities. Life took her from Ontario to Florida and then up to Ohio. As an Assistant Gallery Manager, she learned the business end of the art world as well as the history of the arts and met wonderful art enthusiasts and shared in a great art community.  

She was now fortunate to be referred to study privately under Harold Cooper from Wesleyan University. Harold only chose a certain number of students to teach each year and most of them stayed on with him for years of study, very seldom allowing for a new student to enter into his studio for private classes. His teaching is still a large influence of Lynda’s work. He gave Lynda plenty of advise and one of the best was, go and become yourself what God intented you to be.

Lynda drew to scale The Shipwreck, The Adventurer, while studying Underwater Archaeology at Bowling Green State University in Ohio. It is documented in the Wisconsin Shipwreck Museum and History books. She also accepted a Grant to help submerge the original propeller, found while scuba diving off of Kelly's Island to Save Ohio and Ontario Shipwrecks before moving back to Canada over Sept. 11th, 2001. 

Continuing on her venture in the arts by managing an Art Gallery in London, Ontario before being hired by the City of Windsor Art Studio. The Artist, helped with the revitalization project throughout the City of Windsor painting public outdoor murals with a group of artists. 

Then, Lynda created the 1st and longest Mural in the Town of Amherstburg alongside the Navy Yard Park with her partner Kevin Tofflemire. As the artist was finishing this Mural, she was commissioned to create a Mural for The Fort Malden Museum of the War of 1836-37. This mural was documented in the Windsor Star as a first of it's kind in 170 years in a Parliament Building. Described as a Labour of Love from members of parliament at the unveiling and in the local newspapers, Windsor Star, Amherstburg, Ontario.

She and Kevin, also restored the public Murals for the Town of Essex and created some private murals for personal clientele. All while exhibiting throughout Ontario in group and solo shows.

The artist taught in group settings as well as privately in Ohio and Ontario. Commission Portrait work took her away from teaching.

Venturing back to school to earn an Advanced Degree for Graphic design & Web Development further enhanced her knowledge to gain insight into this changing world of the arts and technology. Aligning her with her day job here in Chatham-Kent where she works from her home Studio currently painting in her Unique Voice sharing her Inspirations of Algonquin Park and is truly enjoying the journey!

Lynda's ancestors were from this area and it so inspires her to visit the area as often as she can. When she is not visiting, she is painting in her studio about the park and surrounding areas. 

She also loves to go en plein air painting whenever she can. You may see her out and about, with her easel, binoculars and/or camera. Kevin will be there too, stop and say hello, they love to chat!

Lynda feels this Bio wouldn't be complete if she didn't mention Kevin. She says, God brought Kevin and her together when they each needed the other and they are a good team. She feels very blessed that they met and are able to do what they do to help society.

The artist is very Thankful for everyone, that has helped them along their art journey, they wouldn’t be here without them, especially the support of their parents, family, friends and art lovers. 

The artist supports other artists within her communities and supports many Artist's Associations and Ontario Parks.

Lynda has been represented by several Galleries throughout her painting career and has had success with each and everyone of these Galleries. She continues to support them and other artists.




Current Body of Work

Working on  studies of a Wildlife Series from trips to Algonquin Park to Celebrate their 125 yr. Anniversary! 2018


Worked on a body of Portrait Commissions between   2011 - 2017


Carey Price for The NHL  100th yr. Anniversary, Tom Brady for their Superbowl wins   

XXXVI (2002), XXXVIII (2004), XXXIX (2005), XLIX (2015) , The Geisha and Lady in Red!

Currently not taking on commissions to paint studies of Algonquin Park!


Worked on Mural commissions between 2002-2009


The Sears Company, Leamington, Ontario

French Emmersion School, Lakeshore, Ontario

French Emmersion School, Puce, Ontario

The Navy Yard Park, Amherstburg, Ontario


I continue to be a student of the arts working from my home studio 2011 -2018

Graphic Design & Web Design, St. Clair College 2009- 2011 (3yr. Study in two)

Privately studied under Harold Cooper, New Albany, Ohio 1998-2001

Harold was a Professor of Art at The University of Wesleyan, 

Founder of the New Albany Arts Council 

Studies of Portraiture form New York City

Underwater Archaeology, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio 1996-1998


Mystery of the Park, Algonquin Fall Art Exhibit, Algonquin Park, Ontario 2017

Mystery of the Park, Algonquin Fall Art Exhibit, Algonquin Park, Ontario 2018


Tom Thomson Tribute paintings, for the 100 yr anniversary of his passing, Collector Event, Chatham, Ontario 2017

Library, Essex, Ontario 2009

Northern Series, Cultural Crawl, Wallaceburg, Ontario, 2008

Art at the Marina, Leamington, Ontario, 2007

Garden Paintings, Home & Garden Show, Leamington, Ontario, 2006

My Journey Home, Leamington Art Centre, Leamington, Ontario, 2005

Wine Paintings, Wine Festival, Amherstburg, Ontario, 2004

Only Imagine Gallery, Amherstburg, Ontario, 2003

Sand Piper Gallery, Amherstburg, Ontario, 2003

Erie Shores Winery, Harrow, Ontario, 2003

Tall Ships Exhibition, Kingsville Ontario, 2002

Pathway Home, London Arts Centre, London Ontario, 2001 

Gallery Manager, Stratford Gallery, Gahanna, Ohio 2000 - 2001

Assit. Gallery Manager, Stratford Gallery, Gahanna, Ohio, U.S.A. 1999 

Croton Fair, Croton Ohio, U.S.A. 1998  


Public Murals, French Emmersion School, Lakeshore, Ontario 2009

Public Murals, French Emmersion School, Puce, Ontario 2008

Outdoor Banners, Town of Tecumseh, Ontario 2007

Outdoor Public Murals ~ Town of Essex ~ Restoration Project  2004, 2005, 2006

Ontario Parks,  Mural ~ "The War of the Rebellion! 1838", Fort Malden Museum, Amherstburg, Ontario, 2004

Outdoor Public Murals ~ City of Windsor, Ontario,  2003, 2004

(Group Project, working on revitalization of the City of Windsor)

Drew to scale the Shipwreck “Adventurer” for Bowling Green State University 1999

Underwater Archeology in part with a group and the Shipwreck Museum in Wisconsin 1996-1998


Front Page, Newspaper article on Mural restorations Town of Essex 

Front Page, Newspaper article on Mural restorations Town of Essex

Front Page,Newspaper article on upcoming Solo Show, Leamington, Ontario 

Front Page,Newspaper article on demonstrations  Leamington, Ontario 

Front Page,Newspaper article on Mural revitalization project and unveilings, Windsor Star

Magaizine article, unveiling painting, Airbrush Magazine, Florida, U.S.A 

Article on Solo Show at Library, Essex, Ontario

Front Page, Newspaper article on Artist Believes Art Heals, Crafter's News, Town of Essex


St. Clair College, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio, U.S.A.

Ohio State University, Ohio, U.S.A.



Algonquin Park Friends

Algonquin Park Art Centre 

Ontario En Plein Air Association

McMichael’s Gallery

London Art Centre

Leamington Art Centre

Thames Valley Art Centre

Art Space


Sand Piper Gallery

Only Imagine

Stratford Gallery

Leamington Art Centre