About Lynda

Lynda is a working, Professional Artist

Currently working on  Wildlife & Landscape studies of Algonquin Park. 

Medium: Oils & Acrylic 

Style: is a cross between Picturesque & Painterly, with a trompe l'oeil realistic approach.

This is where the artist shares her journey in painting what she loves!

Wildlife and settings, doing what they do, in their natural environment! Lynda has had some very close encounters and lived through them. The artist believes these must have taken place to be shared in her paintings!

Lynda shares her journey of the Arts and her paintings to Beautify and add some Love for the betterment of society.

Also, to help add interest, knowledge and support to help sustain one of our national treasures, the parks. Lynda believes, this does not all end with us and if we can keep learning, teaching & sharing, she believes we have done what we are meant to do! The future will be that much better because we cared!

The artist hopes you will stop by often and see what she is up to next!