About Lynda

Wildlife Artist ~ Naturalist


Lynda enjoys painting daily in her studio and takes time to explore the great outdoors as often as possible. This not only allows her to be inspired but it also allows her to get in some quality, painting en plein air.  

The Artist is currently, working on a large body of work of wildlife in their habitat. in Algonquin Park. These works are created from inspirations of her many visits to Algonquin Park each year. 

The artist, has a very long History of her love and care for animals. She grew up around animals, farm animals, worked with and owned horses.Lynda went on to further her education, on Animal Science, studied and became a Veterinarian Technician. 

Adventurer ~ Storyteller

   An adventurer at heart, Lynda was always, off exploring! Seeing first hand, feeling, nature and wildlife. There has always been a strong connection for nature and wildlife, its' care and concern.

All of her experiences, education and exploring has helped Lynda grow into her artistic voice in the arts and what she stands for.

Writing a monthly blog post, Lynda shares her inspirations,  these trips and what compels her to paint what she does. What she saw, felt, where she was and what they were doing.

Enjoy, the paintings, the stories and the beauty they unfold!

~ Lynda's Mission ~


To Beautify, add Interest and give Knowledge through her art. Sharing her journey and her paintings for the betterment of society. 

To bring awareness of the wildlife and their surroundings in Algonquin Park. To help sustain one of our National treasures!

Lynda believes, she has been given this opportunity, gift of the arts, the sightings of these animals and the knowledge of what to share to help bring awareness. 

 The artist hopes you enjoy visiting this site and come back often to keep in touch with this wonderful journey she is on!    Enjoy! :)