About Lynda

Naturalist, Wildlife Artist


Lynda is an avid oil painter, who paints daily either in the studio or en plein air. This allows her to study wildlife and nature and paint what inspires her.

Years of working with animals as a Vet Tech and painting studies have helped the artist grow into her artistic voice in the arts. 

This is where you will see the art and read about their inspirations!

The artist, visits the park and the area as often as she can, at least each season and sometimes more. (she prefers going up each Month)

 She takes the time to share her inspirations of these trips and what compels her to paint what she does.

The artist hopes you enjoy this site and that you will stop by often and see what's new.

Lynda's Mission ~ is to share her journey of the Arts and her paintings to Beautify and add some Love for the betterment of society.

Also, to help add interest to the arts, add knowledge and support to help sustain one of our national treasures, the parks. 

Lynda believes, this does not all end with us and if we can keep learning, teaching & sharing, she believes we have done what we are meant to do! 

The future will be that much better because we cared!