Lynda's experience comes from living with a family of artists through her early years in Ontario. Then she went on to study under Harold Cooper, of Wesleyan University, Ohio founder of the New Albany Arts Council and she enjoyed many more years of self study, experimentation and development. Lynda continues to have a very strong studio practice and work ethic. Painting or working the business every day!

Growing up on a horse farm, owning and taking care of horses and other animals, helped Lynda understand animals. This was the reason, she became a Veterinary Technician. This really, helped her see animals, in a different light. She was able to see their confirmation, the many different movements they make, know how their hair, eyes, fur grows and how it lays. This profession, aided her artwork, immensely. 

Born in London, Ontario, then moving to Windsor a border City, taught her international skills. She then was able to travel down to Florida in her early teen years and spent a couple of decades travelling throughout the East & Mid west coasts, of North America. Lynda was always very adventurous, becoming a scuba-diver, documenting to scale the Shipwreck the Adventurer for the Wisconsin Shipwreck Museum and acquiring a grant to return the Propeller, before returning home. All while being a member of the S.O.S. Save Ohio/Ontario Shipwrecks.

Lynda chose the southern shores of Ontario to move back to Canada over Sept. 11th, 2001 where she paints from her home studio. Centrally located, surrounded by the Great Lakes, allowing her easy access to any of the Lakes within a short drive. This enables her to watch the seasonally, bird migrations and enjoy the lakes and land that encompasses this area.

Having ancestors from Northern Ontario, she feels at home there as well! Her love for this area has her visiting family, friends and enjoying the nature and wildlife of the Algonquin area as often as possible.  

Lynda, loves nature and all the animals that call it their home. She is always ready to take in the day of Inspiration, it is everywhere. Lynda  loves to paint on site,  capturing what is in front of her, using all of her senses. Finding the composition, the feeling, the movement and colours, of the subject, capturing that special moment, you only see for an instant!

 You can see and feel all this in her paintings. From her paint sketching, you see and feel, the innocence of the wildlife, in their eyes and in their character, showing their personality and capturing what they do. Some of them are so soft, yet she boldly shows the foliage in their environment. Through layers of oils, applied with brush or palette knife, you will also find transparency showing what her vision is and what inspired her for that painting. 

Lynda's background is in oils and whatever medium she experiments with, it seems she always comes back to oils. Working mainly in this medium, Lynda will paint in acrylics on site for larger paintings or to bring back to the studio for fresh eyes at a later date and introduce oils to the painting in some fashion. 

Lynda has spent years of experimenting and continues to grow with each painting. Pushing herself forward to challenge her skill set and finding her voice in the arts has made a dream come true! 

Lynda worked in Galleries, as an Assistant Curator at the Stratford Gallery, Ohio and a Gallery Manager in London. She then went on to work for the City of Windsor for The Windsor Art Studio revitalizing the community with public murals, while working with a team of artists.

Becoming self employed her first commission was for Fort Malden Museum. Painting Murals ~ The War of The Rebellion. Documented as a Labour of Love in the Windsor Star by council. Restoring murals for The Town of Essex and painted the longest mural in Amherstburg. 

Lynda has taught students, one on one and in larger classroom settings. She loved this opportunity and sharing in the community. 

She took on Portrait Commissions and spent several year's in this study working in acrylics.

Lynda has just completed studies of the wildlife in Algonquin Park for their 125 yr. Anniversary.

This coming year, she will be painting from the southern shores of Ontario to the Northern shores, sharing her journey along the way!

Lynda is a member of the East Central Ontario Art Assoc., En Plein Air Art Association, Artspace, Thames Valley Art Gallery, McMichael's Gallery, and The Leamington Art Centre.

Exhibiting in Solo, Group Juried Shows, (winning numerous awards), Hosting Collector events, throughout southern and northern Ontario, 

Lynda is enjoying this art journey!

Lynda continues to live as a Life Student of the Arts as she ventures closer to retirement.

Lynda's hope is that you too enjoy the experience her paintings unfold!

Artist CV



Current Body of Work

· Working on Wildlife studies of Algonquin Park to Celebrate their 125 yr. Anniversary!  2018

· Lynda will continue painting the Landscapes and Wildlife she sees in Algonquin Park to Celebrate their next Anniversary! 2018 - 2023 for their 130 yr. Anniversary!

- Lynda is also working on a body of work of her Travels around Southern Ontario where she currently resides. Enjoying the bird migrations every year at some of her favourite shores, Rondeua Park, Erieau, Point Pelee, Mitchell's Bay and Lighthous Cove to name a few. 


·  Pet Portrait, Mack, personal collector, Tennessee, 2018 

· Worked on a body of Portrait Commissions between 2011 - 2017

· Including: Carey Price for The NHL  100th yr. Anniversary, Tom Brady for their Superbowl wins   XXXVI (2002), XXXVIII (2004), XXXIX (2005), XLIX (2015), 

· The " Geisha", Oriental 2016

- Lady in Blue, Paris 2017!


· Worked on Mural commissions between 2002-2009 Including: The Sears Company, Leamington, Ontario French Emersion School, Lakeshore, Ontario French Emersion School, Puce, Ontario The Navy Yard Park, Amherstburg, Ontario More Outdoor Public Mural Commissions below.


· Art Biz Success, Boulder Colorado 2018-2019

· Continuing, as a Life student of the arts working from home studio 2011 -2018

· Graphic Art & Web Design, St. Clair College 2009- 2011 (Advanced Diploma 3yr Study) 

· Private studies under Harold Cooper, New Albany, Ohio 1998-2001

·  Harold was a Professor of The Arts at The University of Wesleyan, Ohio. - Founder of the New Albany, Ohio Arts Council included, Studies of Portraiture Harold continued studies from New York City

· Gallery Manager, Stratford Gallery, Gahanna, Ohio, U.S.A. 2000 

· Assistant Gallery Manager, Stratford Gallery, Gahanna, Ohio, U.S.A. 1999 

· Underwater Archaeology, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio 1996-1998 


* Miskwaa Outdoor Gallery Exhibit July - August 2019

- Eye for Art, Thames Art Gallery, Dec. 2018-Jan 2019

· Mystery of the Park, Algonquin Fall Art Exhibit, Algonquin Park, Ontario 2018

· Xanadu Gallery, Arizona 2018

· Mystery of the Park, Algonquin Fall Art Exhibit, Algonquin Park, Ontario 2017



* Denning's, Contemplation! July - August, 2019

* Home & Garden Tour, Chatham, Ontario ~ July 2019

· Studio unveiling of Algonquin Wildlife Series, Chatham, Ontario 2018

· Collector Event, Tom Thomson Tribute paintings, for the 100-yr. anniversary of his passing, Chatham, Ontario 2017

· Cultural Crawl, Northern Series, Wallaceburg, Ontario, 2008

· Art at the Marina, Leamington, Ontario, 2007

· Home & Garden Show, Garden Paintings, Leamington, Ontario, 2006

· Leamington Art Centre, My Journey Home, Leamington, Ontario, 2005

· Wine Festival, Wine Painting Series, Amherstburg, Ontario, 2004

· Only Imagine Gallery, Decorative Art Series, Amherstburg, Ontario, 2003

· Sand Piper Gallery, Amherstburg, Waterfall Series, Ontario, 2003

· Erie Shores Winery, Wine Series, Harrow, Ontario, 2003

· Tall Ships Exhibition, Water Series, Kingsville Ontario, 2002

· London Arts Centre, Pathway Home Series, London Ontario, 2001 

· Pathway Home Show, Stratford Gallery, Gahanna, Ohio 2000 - 2001

· Solo Artist Show, Assistant Gallery Manager, Stratford Gallery, Gahanna, Ohio, U.S.A. 1999 

· Solo Art Show, Croton Fair, Croton Ohio, U.S.A. 1998  


· Public Murals, French Emersion School, Lakeshore, Ontario 2009

· Public Murals, French Emersion School, Puce, Ontario 2008

· Outdoor Banners, Town of Tecumseh, Ontario 2007

· Outdoor Public Murals ~ Town of Essex ~ Restoration Project 2004, 2005, 2006

· Ontario Parks, Mural ~ "The War of the Rebellion! 1838", Fort Malden Museum, Amherstburg, Ontario, 2004

· Outdoor Public Murals ~ City of Windsor, Ontario, 2003, 2004 (Group Project, working on revitalization of the City of Windsor)

· Drew to scale the Shipwreck “Adventurer” for Bowling Green State University 1999

· Underwater Archeology in part with a group and the Shipwreck Museum in Wisconsin 1996-1998


. Online Wildlife Animal Publication 

Art of the Horse

~United Kingdom~ 2019

· Xanadu Gallery, Collectors Catalogue, Arizona, Nov. - Dec. 2018

· Xanadu Gallery, Collectors Catalogue, Arizona, Sept. - Oct. 2018

· Front Page, Newspaper article on Mural restorations Town of Essex Front Page, Newspaper article on Mural restorations Town of Essex

· Front Page, Newspaper article on upcoming Solo Show, Leamington, Ontario 

· Front Page, Newspaper article on demonstrations Leamington, Ontario 

· Front Page, Newspaper article on Mural revitalization project and unveiling's, Windsor Star

· Magazine article, unveiling painting, Airbrush Magazine, Florida, U.S.A

· Article on Solo Show at Library, Essex, Ontario

· Front Page, Newspaper article on Artist Believes Art Heals, Crafter's News, Town of Essex

· Wisconsin Shipwreck Museum History cookouts’ (Drew to scale the Adventurer)


· St. Clair College, Windsor, Ontario, Canada

· Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio U.S.A.

· Ohio State University, Ohio, U.S.A.



Algonquin Park 

Friends of Algonquin Park 

Algonquin Art Gallery

Ontario En Plein Air Association

London Art Centre

Leamington Art Centre

Thames Valley Gallery

Art Space

McMichael’s Gallery

Xanadu Gallery Arizona

Thamse Art Gallery Ontario

Art Space Ontario

Leamington Art Centre Ontario
Sand Piper Gallery Ontario
Stratford Gallery Ohio
Blue Spruce Resort Ontario

Only Imagine Home Interiors Ontario

Artist Statement



  As a visual artist, my goal, is to capture the character of the Wildlife and Nature seen on our travels throughout Southern & Northern Ontario


Through the use of oils on canvas, I create paintings that bring you into this vast land and it’s many diversities. Including, the innocence of the wildlife and all the glorious plants and trees that thrive within this beautiful area

I invite you to spend some time to explore these paintings and find the colours, depth & textures used to create them.

My hope is that you too enjoy the experience, these paintings unfold!

About ~ The Artist, Lynda

Wildlife Artist




Going on road trips, being in Nature and Painting is what Lynda enjoys doing! These experiences she believes are worth sharing and how she does this is through her Inspirational paintings. 

Lynda is a true advocate of documentation & she does this through photos, videos & stories 

that her & her partner, Kevin have enjoyed along the way.

    There are great, stories of these adventures, through the monthly blog posts and you can learn even more of what goes on behind the scenes, where the inspiration of the paintings actually come from, what techniques are used and why they are so important. These posts can be quite humorous at times, depending on the experience. All this allows you to spend some time with and get to know Lynda & Kevin as they visit their favourite places and leave a legacy to enjoy. Day trips are a refresher, around their centrally located home, here in southern Ontario. Situated, in the heart of the Great Lakes, this allows them the opportunity to visit a different shore or bush every day! How Exciting!

    A little history of why this is so important. Moving back to Canada after spending years in another Country, has renewed Lynda's Love for the Country she was born in and she puts all this Love in her Paintings. (there was a time, when she was 3.5 hours 1 way from a great lake to spend the weekend on her boat and this longing to return has poured out in her work) Now Lynda can go for a walk every day along a shore line. 

    This year's current works will include day trips From the Southern tip of Point Pelee, watching many bird migrations, to Lake Erie, Erieau, Rondeau, Mitchell's Bay to longer excursions, up through the Northern Shores of Ontario, Lake Huron and moving inland to include Algonquin Park, experiencing the many diversities of the land, the water, the animals and their habitats.This past year they were fortunate to have visited there, 7 times throughout the many seasons and each time they were blessed to see so much inspiration! Sparking those creative juices! Many paintings have come from this region and there are many more on the way! As the paintings are unveiled, Lynda & Kevin will share their ventures and stories with you!

Come back often and see what's New on the Easel or what's just been completed!

Adventurer ~ Storyteller



  As an adventurer at heart, Lynda was always, off exploring! She continues to have a strong connection for travel, nature and wildlife. 

All of her experiences, education and exploring has helped Lynda grow into her artistic voice within the arts and her vision as an artist continues to grow and flourish.

Lynda strongly believes in Documenting while Storytelling her art for future generations. For many reasons, some include to the continuation of learning, educating others, while sharing. 

The Artist's personal Writings became a journal of documentation and she began sharing through her Monthly Blog post

This blog is where you will find all sorts of stories, from the studio to the forest to the shores and everything in between!

Monthly Videos became a way for Lynda to interact with and share a more personal studio visit, sharing her paintings from concept to completion.

Stop by again when you can, things change up here often!

~ Lynda's Mission ~


At Lynda Moffatt's Fine Art Studio, we understand that Art is a 

Luxury. One of the finer things in Life!  

Our Mission is to provide you, our customer/collector with 

unique paintings, that will increase in value, all at affordable 


Our goals are to surpass your expectations, giving professional quality delivered in a timely manner.

We appreciate everyone of you who are investing in the original artwork and we want to make sure you know this! 

 The Artist, Lynda wants to Thank you, for being a tremendous part of this glorious journey we are all on!