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Chatham Garden /Pond /Music & Art Tour 

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Algonquin Park Visitor's Centre / Fall Art & Sale Exhibit/ Sept. 27th thru Nov. 3rd

Canadian Artist, painting her interpretation of Magical Moments in Nature! Sharing, to inspire you!


     Going on road trips, being in Nature and Painting is what Lynda enjoys doing! These experiences she believes are worth sharing and how she does this is through her Inspirational paintings. 

Lynda is a true advocate of documentation & she does this through photos, videos & stories 

that her & her partner, Kevin have enjoyed along the way.

     There are great, stories of these adventures, through the monthly blog posts and you can learn even more of what goes on behind the scenes, where the inspiration of the paintings actually come from, what techniques are used and why they are so important. These posts can be quite humorous at times, depending on the experience. All this allows you to spend some time with and get to know Lynda & Kevin as they visit their favourite places and leave a legacy to enjoy. Day trips are a refresher, around their centrally located home, here in southern Ontario. Situated, in the heart of the Great Lakes, this allows them the opportunity to visit a different shore or bush every day! How Exciting!

     A little history of why this is so important. Moving back to Canada after spending years in another Country, has renewed Lynda's Love for the Country she was born in and she puts all this Love in her Paintings. (there was a time, when she was 3.5 hours 1 way from a great lake to spend the weekend on her boat and this longing to return has poured out in her work) Now Lynda can go for a walk every day along a shore line. 

     This year's current works will include day trips From the Southern tip of Point Pelee, watching many bird migrations, to Lake Erie, Erieau, Rondeau, Mitchell's Bay to longer excursions, up through the Northern Shores of Ontario, Lake Huron and moving inland to include Algonquin Park area, where Lynda's Ancestors originated. Experiencing the many diversities of the land, the water, the animals and their habitats.This past year they were fortunate to have visited there, 9 times throughout the many seasons and each time they were blessed to see so much inspiration! Sparking those creative juices! Many paintings have come from this region and there are many more on the way! As the paintings are unveiled, Lynda & Kevin will share their ventures and stories with you!

Come back often and see what's New on the Easel or what's just been completed! You can purchase this Original artwork at affordable pricing!